Girls Games

Girls Games

Not every girl likes DressUp Games and Makeover Games, in fact, these kinds of games only attract 9-14 years old girls. Also, most of these games are kind of silly, since no actual gameplay is involved; drag and drop clothes in general and putting a makeup with extremely not very sophisticated game interface. There are however exceptions, like in everything else; There are girl games out there that may interest even guys, don’t believe it? Check out the games below and tell me I’m wrong.


2 Games from each category, most popular girls games categories such as Dress Up Games, Makeover Games, and Cooking Games. 6 games that will not disappoint anyone, plus some useful links to the girl games website. 6 worthy games is all I managed to gather out of virtually thousands of free online flash games. It seems most game developers in this area are not really concerned about game quality and all they care about is to get the job done as soon as possible. 1 out of 1000 pays enough attention to the game making processes to create something original and different, rest of them just draw a stupid ugly manikins and dresses that don’t even look like dresses.

By far, all the games in this blog are free to play (flash games), but I’m currently working on PC and Console game reviews, and will publish them in later posts and also add more free games of other categories such as Decorating games, Fashion games, kissing games, Hair Style Games and Nail Art Games.


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