Cooking Games

Cooking Games

Mina’s Restaurant Training

As you know, most cooking games are just an eye candy, nothing really going on in the game process, but there are exceptions too; like the excellent game Mina’s Restaurant Training. Which is more like a restaurant management game rather than cooking, girls find it amusing though. Well honestly, besides the fact that Mina’s Restaurant Training is about food (at some point) there is nothing “cookingy” in it, you don’t get to cook anything, it’s just a management training. Fun though, and very cute too, awesome artwork and animation, fantastic colors and game characters, cozy little restaurant room and easy gameplay. It is definitely one of the best games of the genre and one of the best from Doli Doli website. By the way, while Doli Doli website offers “play with rewards” mode of this game, it’s nothing special, simply not worth going through registration trouble.

Game developers have spent enough time to make this game what it is, they even brought in the leveling system, scoring system and even daily goal. Obviously more scores you earn, more XP you get and more XP you get faster you level up. What are the actual perks of leveling up I do not know, so I’ll leave it up to you to find out. Also, keep in mind that you can’t sit around doing nothing, there is a time attack system in the game so you need to get the job done as soon as possible. Recommended for girls 9-13.

Instructions to the game:

While the game process may seem a little confusing at first, it is really simple once you adapt: Click on the requested item to appear on the tray. Click on the customer to serve the order. Put your mouse over the money to cash and complete the daily goal.

Nacho’s Attack

Sometimes I’m having trouble finding difference between actual cooking games and decorating games, when it comes to games involving food and sweets obviously. Many of the “cooking games” don’t involve actual cooking process, players just get to do cosmetic job on the food like in Nacho’s Attack, while it may seem like a cooking game, all you get to do is change pre-rendered toppings and stuffing onto the pizza. Everything happens in a blink so it’s hard to feel the joy of actual cooking process. Some games on the other hand, like “Dirty Pudding”, involve more cooking process then cosmetic job.

Art work and drawings same as colors and backgrounds are simply awesome, if you know the game 3 Emo Girls Dress up, you will find similarities between these two. Nothing spectacular and original but still very interesting game. Also, same as 3 Emo Girls Dress Up game, Nacho’s Attack also features in game options to share already cooked pizza on your Facebook, and download the screenshot. You can reset already done actions at any time and start over.

About the Dirty Pudding I mentioned Earlier, it is definitely worth trying out; It may not be as pretty as Nacho’s Attack but it is more dynamic and involves actual cooking process. You begin with collecting ingredients and then proceed with the cooking. I’d say Dirty Pudding is one of the best cooking games by website.


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