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NYC Fashion Dress Up Challenge

As far as I know, this game is a gift from LG Electronics, LG Mobile or rather presented by Haute & Bothered and brought to you / sponsored by LG. First thing about NYC Fashion Dress Up Challenge is the game quality; The game background, its script, models, details, textures, colors, animation and even the game process, in short, it is a quality product.

You must select your character to participate in Dress Up challenge: Character and one of three styles: Party, Elegant and Casual. First challenge is to get accepted to NYC Fashion School then it’s time for your final exam and third and the final part is to prepare for your big show. In the first challenge player must select 3 models and setup backstage: to set up a backstage you must dress up your three models by selecting clothing (bottoms and tops), accessories, shoes from the racks. Dressing Up models is not the only process, you can also do a makeup: Do the hairstyle, select contact lenses, eyes-hades and lips. Once you have done a makeup click “Feedback” button to start continue game. You will receive feedback, opinions about your work and ability to correct the mistakes.

All I can say is that NYC Fashion Dress Up Challenge is not a pathetic attempt to make something original out of straightforward genre. In fact, most developers should at least get ideas out of it about how to make such games more interesting. In short, NYC Fashion Challenge is a great game for girls, more importantly, G2egames.com girl games website games are handpicked and most of them are playable at very least; not much games they have but none of them disappoint, especially the makeover games and cooking games, and Hairstyle games. Good luck, have fun, enjoy the game.

3 Emo Girls Dress Up

I’ve been trying to find more games like NYC Fashion Dress UP Challenge or dress up games with some kind of campaign or a story or anything different from regular ones but I failed. So instead, I decided to pick one of the regular ones but one of the best. For a dress up game to be good, it doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Usually, when people play computer games, they enjoy the gameplay and process itself. With dress up games and makeover games it’s quite the opposite, girls more enjoy the result rather than game process. Share already dressed up models, print them out, save pictures etc. So, I used exactly this criteria while selecting the second dress up game for this blog, simple and not complicated game with beautiful colors and popular styles, like Emo style, with touch of Japanese anime and even some gothics.

I don’t think girls age of 13 + are interested in such games and 3 Emo Girls Dress Up is not an exception. Cute emo girls, awesome haircuts, cute little dresses and some accessories is all that this game has to offer, the actual gameplay takes about 2 minutes, but like I said, it’s about the game processes, it’s the results…  Saved pictures and printed emo girls fantastic, could even use as a wallpaper.

There are couple of more decent dress up games on g2egames.com but nothing in particular worth reviewing, but like I said before, none of these games are disappointing, unlike most websites featuring 1000s of games, g2egames have few but at very least you wouldn’t have to spend hours browsing and looking for good ones.  Go for the RoiWorld Dress Up game series or the Bratz Kidz games, Gucci and B. Venetta games are also good (Gucci and Botegga Veneta – dress up games for boys).


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