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Dark Fantasy

One of the best girl games ever made in my opinion, Dark Fantasy Makeover; stunning colors, absolutely amazing artwork, fantastic textures and even the game background looks amazing. First of all let me tell you that Dark Fantasy Makeover is not really a game, just like any other makeover game, I keep saying this because in order to qualify an application as a game, it has to involve a game process, some kind of action; but Makeovers and Dress Ups are more like a drawing games. You may call it whatever you like but the fact is, Dark Fantasy is absolutely gorgeous. Naturally, all the makeup details, tattoos, accessories and everything else are already pre-rendered, but this doesn’t make the game any less beautiful. The only flaw is that almost all combinations of lipsticks and headbands and everything else match each other but it is still awesome. I don’t know who the developer is, but I tried looking for other games like Dark Fantasy on its own website, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything decent….

Usually, girls prefer makeover games with more realistic platform, but Dark Fantasy is nothing like realistic, in fact, it’s quite the opposite as the title implies, it’s a fantasy, the kind of makeup you won’t see in real life, and it really does look fantastic. Besides, realistic makeover games are difficult to find, good ones I mean. I spent hours and even days searching for the games like Dark Fantasy and also the ones that match realistic criteria, one of the decent ones I was able to find is called Style Adviser, and there are couple of more but when it comes to Fantasy, I’m afraid there was nothing close to Dark Fantasy game. I’d  really appreciate a feedback, feel free to submit game reviews, flash games, links to the games etc.

Style Adviser

Style Adviser appears to have game series and the one I’ m presenting in this review is called Style Adviser 24. First of all, I can tell you for sure, you won’t find a makeover game more realistic then this one, in fact, I’m not sure if it’s even adequate to call it a game, it more looks like a complicated CIA software of face recognition or something of the sort.  According to the game intro, “with few clicks on styling tool you can try your own makeover for free. Select a model or upload your own photo”… This is where it gets interesting; models in the game are real people, real faces, which is what makes it so realistic and even the possibility to use your own photo to manipulate. It gets even more interesting when you look closer to the menu, game includes women models and men too, accordingly guys can also upload and use their own photo.

Oh and things you can do with your photos, you won’t believe it until you try it, however, after uploading a photo, application will ask you to make 3-4 corrections, or rather manipulations to determine exact location of the lips, eyes, eyelashes, nose and couple of other things, this is necessary to prevent inaccuracies during the game process itself / manipulations, makeup process.  The game has everything, not just makeup tools but hair styles, lip tools and eye tools, each tool can be modified, each modification tool has its range allowing you to make virtually infinite variations. Make sure you spend enough time setting up options on your own photo to avoid software errors, Put the lines as closely as possible to your eyes, lips etc.

The best part of the game Style Adviser is the presence of the ingame menu allowing you to download finished photo, share it on Facebook or print it out.


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